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The Conference Call is dead! Long live the Conference Call!

We are currently working with a client to integrate some SIP phones with their new VOIP system.  It’s surprising how complicated this can be.  Many VOIP services have a short list of supported devices.  The process got me thinking – I don’t even remember the last time I got an invite to a regular conference […]

Is free streaming worth the cost?

When should your organization engage a streaming service provider? So you want to stream on Facebook or YouTube – Can Code3AV help with that? We sure can. We have helped many organizations get started with streaming. As integrators, we install and configure your hardware and software production systems (cameras, microphones, graphics creation, etc), and usually […]

Code3AV in the news:

Check out this article about one of our latest projects! – Virginia’s newest entertainment venue, Sandman Comedy Club. Located in a roomy 1940’s bank building complete with bank vault, the new venue houses an Elation lighting system of WW Profile HP™, Fuze Spot™, Colour Pendant™ and SixBar 1000™ luminaires that will be used for much more than just comedy. 

How do we stay connected from 6 feet apart & keep culture alive during a pandemic?

Peter Norman – Code3AV It’s been over a year since I shut down our office for a “few weeks” last march. I had no idea at the time how long this would last, or what it meant for our small business. We had a lot of questions at that time. We have a lot of […]

Keeping the Interface Simple

3 techniques for keeping things simple: At Code 3 AV, our focus is always on keeping things simple and easy to use. Many of the conference rooms we have built recently have had no need for a user interface of any kind. By installing occupancy sensors and detecting video sync from a laptop input, we […]

Code3AV has a new CTS-D!

Congratulations Steve Payne! Steve has been with Code3AV since we started. He manages our service department and is responsible for quality assurance and integration standards. We are excited to announce that he recently upgraded his CTS certification and passed the CTS-D exam!